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new Dimarzio pickups

I finally got around to replacing the stock "Blues 90" pickups in my Gibson Blueshawk with Dimarzios, a Virtual P90 (neck) and DLX90 (bridge).


Hooooooooly shit!

They're extremely good pickups. Definitely hotter than stock (although not "hot" the way a Super Distortion or Hot Rails is "hot"), big fat round punchy TONE! Admittedly, i'm still in the infatuation stage, but i think these might be the best-sounding pickups i've ever owned. The DLX90 bridge was a big surprise. With the stock Blueshawk pickups, i generally avoided the bridge and stayed with the fatter-sounding neck. Not anymore! With some judicious distortion, the bridge pickup cranked out killer 1970s hard-rock tones. Think Leslie West type killer. Switch to the neck and roll off the volume, and there's a woody jazz tone.

Amp and effects for testing were a Trace-Elliot Velocette (turned up about halfway), Maxon Distortion Master, and Prescription Electronics Germ.

I should note that electronics are somewhat modified from the stock (cool but complex) Blueshawk. The tone cap has been replaced with a foil-in-oil cap from Angela Electronics, and the treble bypass and notch circuits have been removed. The Varitone is still there, although i think i'll use it less now.

If you have a P90-equipped guitar and the hum is driving you nuts, check these out. If you have a newer Gibson with the tone-deaf P100 stacked humbuckers, DEFINITELY check these out! You can order them from Steve's Music Center, and he was terrific for me. I had serious problems with another vendor not delivering, but Steve got me my new pickup in about two days. He rocks!
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