This Fascist Kills Machines (iconoclastastic) wrote in tonefreaks,
This Fascist Kills Machines

Amplifier Woes! (sorry about the crossposting)


My amp is being all intermittent, I've got to use it in a recording studio in two weeks, and i'm broke as hell, so I can't take it to a tech.

It snaps, crackles, and pops, and, after you play it for a little while, the volume suddenly cuts down to 0-10% of its original value.

I've swapped all the tubes (preamp, power, rectifier) for known goods, poked around inside with a chopstick looking for loose connections (though I may have missed... I had to go to work around the time I was nearing the power tube area), and pulled preamp tubes to see if the one of the problems (the snaps and pops) are in a particular stage... they go away when I remove the P.I. tube.

It's a BF Vibrolux Reverb, btw. Any other diagnostic tips?

(P.S... my "known good" tubes are the set that came with the amp.. they all tested very, very strong. Since they're Telefunken/RCA preamps and RCA blackplate 6L6's, my amp now sounds AMAZING when it works.... which makes me want it fixed even worse.)

If anybody has any clue or idea of where to start, I would love to know. I know how to discharge filter caps and I've got a good soldering iron and I know how to use it, so I won't die or anything. Should I just do random stuff like retension tube sockets and stuff and hope it goes away? I'm sort of at a loss here.
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