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Hey, I'm new here.

I'm not sure what normally passes for intro posts here, so I'll start with a question:
I'm just starting a surf rock band. We're all fairly capable musicians, but the main thing I'm struggling with right now is how to get a nice surf tone.
I know to use the single coil pickup on my guitar (Squier Cyclone [I know, it's just a squier]), and usually there's a lot of reverb and sometimes some tremolo, but I'm lost beyong that. A lot of surf recording, the guitar seems to have some sort of wah-wah effect. Is this just a normal wah-wah pedal of some kind, or is it an auto-wah, or... what? I'm really kind of lost, so any suggestions as to amp effects, pedals to buy, settings for knobs, EQ settings, anything would be helpful. Thanks!

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